Boston Sleeping

How can I be silent when my soul is screaming,

stay quiet when my heart is bleeding?

How can I find peace when the walls press in on me?

help me forget all the things that were important yesterday

oh my mercurial blood — I want to stay, I want to hide

if only I could have you by my side

Anodyne days and rest elude me


Forgetting Denver

The storm clouds gather and now are here

I can’t define the pattern — they suddenly appear

I remember everything about me but how to be

You can’t tell me how to smile

I already know, I know but truth eludes me

Tell me to forget, forget all about it


After the Storm

I give you your freedom.

I want back myself.

I’m tired of running this into the ground.

Over-and-over I try to figure this out. I might drive me crazy if I don’t let this out.

Staring into eyes different only in time — Have we seen the same pain? Have we walked the same lines?

How do we pare down to only what’s essential?

I long to find the end again, past all the questions, past all the trivial.

I know there’s hope but… Let me try explain:


Then I open my eyes — someone called.

I lie awake, still wrapped in the clothes of the grave.

I see only an aura, though, because no one moved the stone away.

Do I stay safe, hidden inside? I feel as though I’ll die if I don’t jump to see how far I can fly.

What if what feels crucial results in destruction?

I’ve looked at fear and welcomed the force, only to become the storm.

When we overcome our weakness do we lose the source driving us forward?

Spent, I find I don’t have the urge to sort through the wreckage, I want to leave it on the ground.




Let you go

I’m gonna let you go

I don’t want to hold you too tight

I’m gonna let you go


This won’t end my life

I’m gonna let you go

Because your life is not mine

In the rain, in the sunshine — I just have to show you that you can fly


I’m gonna let you go

So you can fly

I’m gonna let you go


So you can fly

I am the Ocean Crashing on Your Beach

What a cruel world

My life, my life at the edge of yours

Sorrow paints the sky, there’s sorrow in his eyes


I am the ocean crashing on your beach

let me take you out to sea


grappling with this piece of me

– the one that forgets and wants to flee,

the one that drops the burning memories –

it’s not part of me, has no bearing on reality, it doesn’t exist

if I let go of it


I am the ocean crashing on your beach

let me take you out to sea

take you out to sea






Kiss the crazy outta me

Kiss the crazy outta me

Give me something to believe

I’m not playin’ games, I’m not gonna lie

I’m giving you the me that’s deep inside

Speak the words to make me come to life

it means nothing, it means nothing

You look at me like you can almost reach

it means nothing, it means nothing

everything hiding in the depths of me

I tell myself it means nothing

If I say it enough then it makes it true.

Or maybe it’s the opposite…

If I say it too much, it becomes a lie.

I’m tired of being down down down, but my there’s nothing you can do because my rescue was never on you.