Why are Men the Enemy?

Are we not interconnected?

Do pain or sickness or age spare any of us?

None can escape paying the price that the battle of life demands. What if we reconsidered turning on each other?

By exchanging friendly fire, we sap the reserves we must for the trials of life.

If I were a man I wouldn’t have to worry about

  • how the children-should-be-seen-not-heard environment I was raised in is sometimes a detriment, and I would be easily forgiven as a silent and strong type.
  • bantering with men between the ages of 18 and 60 being perceived as flirting.
  • being judged or criticized when the sink was full of dishes or my kid caught a cold.
  • being brainwashed–since birth–to seek out and sexualize male attention.
  • all women’s eyes were on me assessing my competitive prowess for the men in the room.

I’m glad I’m a woman though because

  • my awkward, brooding silence keeps most women at bay so I don’t feel overly inclined to socialize,
  • and since I don’t want to be perceived as flirting with the men, I am free to flit about as I please.
  • the only opinions that matter are of those who live in the house.
  • the environment of my childhood battles against cultural norms and I avoid most people anyway.
  • while I may notice the competitive assessment, I do not feel inhibited by it because the only heart I need is my husband’s.

To put these two lists in perspective, they do not take into account the responsibilities and troubles the typical man faces. They’re written by a typical woman living through the commonplace experiences. Each individual has their own unique perspective, but there tend to be patterns in human behavior. Women and men are who they are–different–there is no doubt about that. That doesn’t mean that we are pitted against each as mortal enemies (“Finish Him!”) or sealed to the tragic fate of Juliette and her Romeo.

It does not mean that one rules over the other because they are stronger, physically or mentally.

No, we are powerful.

Only the weak seek to destroy those who they perceive to be a threat.

We are not enemies but fellow soldiers in this life. If we wound someone in our unit, we hurt ourselves.

If women try diminish the strength of men, they are condemning themselves.

If men try to yield power over women, they are crippling themselves.


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