Beauty is not fading

Beauty is not fading.

It’s not slowly disappearing nor staying, preserving.

It ebbs and flows, and akin to our lives it goes

in crashes, and comes in bright flashes,

and we are waiting for a recreating.


No, beauty is not fading.

It’s here in glimpses and then it eclipses

all that can be seen and that which is unforeseen,

leaving us breathless and nearly senseless,

and still shaking when we should be waking.


See, beauty is not fading.

Trying to catch what is so fleeting will be too much for hearts that are beating!

We need to start breathing, at last really seeking

what we cannot define or try to consign

to the care of our own minds.


Beauty is not…

Maybe beauty is not what leaves us caring for naught

but that which inspires us out of the mires

to live in the world with love unfurled.



April 2011

poetry contest winning entry


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