Year 10: Reflections after the Detour

I’m not sure what you thought of me when we met, but you saw something in me that I never saw in myself. Because, at 8, when you come to the conclusion that you’re a mistake, by 18 it’s hard to hold onto life and hope.

But you saw within me a daughter of God worthy of love.

Somewhere along the way you fell in love.

Eleven years ago, you asked: three times in one walk on a wooded trail along the beach. It was a detour, not the literal mountaintop spot where you wanted to propose.

I said no twice because I didn’t think I was worthy of anything more, of someone loving me exclusively, of calling me their own. But you asked that third time…

And I began to hope that maybe two could be better than one.

And it was. You filled my heart with happiness. Love was so good and life was lovely,

until it wasn’t…

We learned what love and marriage really is.

Sometimes tough, sometimes taken for granted, but always the plan, always a part of us.

We make each other better. Not through our own power but Jesus…

Jesus is stronger than our past,

He is binding together our present

And He, only He, holds our future.

You have always accepted me for who I am without judgment, and the fact that you love me is so inconceivable that sometimes it’s hard to believe that you do. I want to help you achieve your dreams and be there with you to celebrate when you do.

Happy 10th anniversary, my love.

 And if one can overpower him who is alone, two can resist him. A cord of three strands is not quickly torn apart. –Ecclesiastes 4:12 (NASB)


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