To-Do List or To Dream? Life away from the mom-do list

What incredible things do you do while you dream? I’m always running. Or fighting enemies en masse. Or building skyscrapers. Or just flying near the tree tops.

But then I wake up. Like most of you, I wake up to things left undone and things left to do. And by the close of the day, I’m worn out with a load of laundry waiting to be folded. One night a couple weeks ago, I found myself still folding, there in the dark while one of my little ones was drifting off to sleep a few feet away. I asked myself, is this what I’ve been reduced to?

stealthily folding a basket of tiny clothes in the cover of darkness like some kind of legendary laundry ninja?

dinosaur shirt chop-chop

roll socks

neon plaid shorts chop-chop-chop

Soon enough, morning came again and I was jet setting across the country for a business conference. It’s kind of cool that just since I’ve become a mom I’ve traveled a bit Seattle-Orlando-Boston. My kids may just be impressed with that one day… until they learn the most sightseeing I did was from window of the shuttle from and to the airport. I know, so glamorous. And I was back again to screams and suffocating hugs.

I love how my sons love me. The way they BOTH curl up on my lap.

I’m with my boys all the time . I’m grateful for all their love, but I’m overwhelmed by it.

Overwhelmed: to bury, drown, submerge, defeat, inundate

As a mom, I’m so overwhelmed by how much my children love me and by the mom things I need to do. In this stage of life, these two things are so intertwined. And when I’m afraid of something, I tend to back away slowly, keeping my eyes locked forward so I’m not taken by a surprise attack.

Relationships scare me. There was beauty in my childhood but I was a kid who didn’t connect to my parents or, well, anyone. In many ways, I am still that little girl. I think that’s why I write quite a bit on being a parent. It’s a way to assess and connect in a better way with my children because it doesn’t come naturally. And that overwhelming mom-do list? Failing to complete all the tasks on my list doesn’t make me a failure.

Moms, failing to complete your to-do list doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you human.

In the end, your kids (and dare I say your husband) won’t care if you kept everything spotless and all the laundry neatly folded. What they’ll remember are trips to their favorite playground, visits to the pool and adventures in the woods. They’ll remember laughter and smiles. They’ll remember you. Don’t let the laundry make you bitter. Folding those tiny cartoon underwear (Kiai!) is not so much a reduction as it is a fulfillment.

Is it a dream life? Endless loads to defeat, meltdowns to calm, crumbs to sweep… as long as we let our to-lists be invaded by life and wonder, yes.



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