Writers, Don’t Abandon Your Voice

I snapped this beauty from my kitchen window this weekend.


I laughed. I wouldn’t have been able to do that a few hours earlier because dark-and-gloomy-sad-face was the mood I had had pretty much all day, despite all the sunshine and birds singing. My husband put it this way, “it seems like you just have this dark cloud hanging over your head.”


When I was a fairly small child, I walked around outside singing little songs. I started with “somewhere over the rainbow” or “magic and wonder are waiting for you” and just got into my own little world of adventure and excitement all sunshine and song.

Have you, too, felt that quickening, the shortness of breath that comes with creation? And now it just seems that the dark clouds are hanging over you…

Are you wondering if you will ever feel that child-like hope again?

Do you feel like you’ve abandoned the truth of the story?

Maybe it’s lack of activity because you filed it all away due to duty or despair. Maybe you’ve overdone it on some other project. Walk it off. Pick up the pen, open the file, and start writing. Brush the dark clouds aside.

You do whatever you can until you are past the pain. Maybe it’s a little ugly. That’s OK.

As long as you still have breath, you have not abandoned your voice.



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