A [Printable] Prayer for Your Sons

As a MOB (mother of boys), I seek God, I look for tips and encouragement, I need help! If you have spent more than a few minutes around a little boy, you know. You know all the wonderful things they can be. The (frequent and repetitive) questions. The antics. The climbing. The activeness of them. If you’re an introverted mom, well, they can be a lot to handle sometimes.

Recently, I ran across this article published years ago. I wrote down the prayer and set it on my dresser. You know those moments when you just want to lock yourself in your closet with some chocolate? Well, I’ve found that’s the perfect time to repeat that prayer and turn my tears to God. He’ll understand what you’re saying, despite the mouthful of chocolate.

You gave me this child, Lord. Again, for this new day, I’m giving him back to You. I’m available for anything You want me to do to join You in what You’re doing in his life, whether You ask me to speak up or remain silent, to apologize, to forgive, to sacrifice, or even change.




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