I didn’t sign up for this… life truths while living with little people

  • It’s not as easy as some people make it look.
  • The pace of life speeds up but you slow way down, as in you’re only getting half that load of laundry finished today.
  • You learn the meanings of the saying “Silence is Golden.”
  • No one’s going to know that you spent 30 minutes scrapping peanut butter off the front glass door (true story) but they’re sure going to notice if you don’t.
  • Speaking of smudges, expect everything that’s within 2-3 feet of floor level (depending on their reach) to be constantly smeared with, well, you probably don’t really want to go too deep into that…
  • And I’m pretty sure I’m staring at a spot of food on the ceiling. Apparently no place is too far out of reach.


  • You have the opportunity to discover new facets of your own personality.
  • You start learning about what’s really important to you; for me it’s my faith and how much I really do need to turn to God because these tiny humans can drive you crazy.
  • You may even understand your parents a little better.
  • You discover how much you can really love another human, and at the same time be incredibly frustrated when they dump a box of cereal out on the couch (classic).

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