One of the Great Mysteries of Life: The Cat

Mushii cat is one of a kind…

Let me just start at the beginning. I first met my cat back when Mushii was an ADORABLE little farm kitten. So sweet. Fast forward about 6 years, and we can really adopt a pet, no more apartment rules to follow. We have our own house, complete with a toddler and a puppy. Mushii gets a clean bill of health from the vet’s office in his county and then comes to live with us. We’re genuine owners of one senior male cat. Mushii tolerates the puppy and pretty much ignores the toddler. But he is so gentle when they interact. We’re in awe that he’s such a docile, quiet tom cat who likes to just hang out and chill.

Fast forward another year. We’ve just arrived home with some new houseplants and a brand-spanking new baby. And something goes terribly wrong. Our calm Mushii cat starts prowling around the house, meowing all hours of the day and night. He starts rolling around on the floor. Frantic (maybe some sleep-deprivation and mommy hormones were kicking in), I start researching what would make a tom cat suddenly start acting like a female cat in heat.

Has he been munching on the new houseplants?

Thrown into a psychotic break from the new addition?

Maybe his kidneys were failing?

I explain what’s happening to our local vet who has seen our dog but not Mushii yet. I tell them I’m worried he could attack the baby like some sort of creepy Siamese cat moment. My husband drives the poor animal to the vet and calls me after the assistant takes Mushii to the back. We’re discussing the possibilities when my husband stops talking.

“They’re laughing.”

“What? Who is? What do you mean?”

“The vets.” He pauses to listen to them. “Are you serious?”

“What? Tell me what’s happening!”

“The reason Mushii is acting like a female cat in heat is because… she is.”



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