Valentine’s Countdown: 10 big and little ways to express your love

The title says it all, so let’s get started!

1. I knew this simply adorable card was the perfect inspiration to start off the countdown: I used whatever I had on hand, which happened to be a package of hot chocolate.



2. Another great idea of at this site: Again the beauty of this idea is that you can pick up a jar (a mason jar here) from around the house and fill with little goodies! I used Hershey Kisses, printed and cut out words of encouragement!
A kiss a day keeps the doctor away!



3. One of my favorite creations was creating and printing matching book marks. Punch a hole at the top center and tie a bit of ribbon–voila! It included an hour of uninterrupted reading time (not an easy task with two rambunctious boys).



4. Wondering if the wrong kind of sparks are going to put a damper on the right ones ? Yes, Valentine’s is an ideal time to set aside some time to read this article and come up with your own rules of the ring:


5. Work care package: Does your honey find themselves needing an afternoon snack? Find a smallish container and fill it snack-sized goodies like granola bars, popcorn, trail mix and crackers. And don’t forget to throw in a coin purse full of quarters!


6. One of my husband’s favorite surprises was coming home to a candlelight dinner. Yep, I even dressed up the toddlers AND put on the high heels! Of course, it was spaghetti with garlic bread.


7. Ice cream cake waiting in the freezer. Need I say more?


8. Donuts you know how much a love you? With a box of donuts on the counter!


9. Something special: Has your spouse fondly reminisced about an activity you haven’t done together for a while? My husband’s was role playing… tabletop, RPG that is. I made sure to set aside a night that the kids were in bed and we could role the dice and munch on snacks. To get the creative juices flowing, I sent him an email with a continuation of a story line:

Word of the encounter at the inn spread like lightening through the tiny island village—striking the listeners with fear or hope. The inn was starting to fill with villagers curious to see the pair of outsiders. The innkeeper, thankful for his life and for the sudden business despite the ruin made of building, quickly prepared a small repast for the two. It was clear to him that prolonging their stay any longer would put him at risk.

The soft-spoken innkeeper quietly knocks at the door of your room, handing over a small, heavy sack to you. By the way he averts his eyes from your faces, you know he means the gesture as a kind one. You accept his parting gift and follow him to a door that leads out to a somewhat concealed exit to the inn.

Your anticipated secret escape is interrupted by a tiny, twisted woman who hobbles into your path before you could avoid her.

“Good day, mother” you politely greet her.

She scowls back at you, “there will never be a good day until the curse is cast from this land”

Who is this woman?

What could this curse be?

To find out more, join me later tonight…


10. Family movie night!



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