The End is Worth It

Daughter of Light (Follower of the Word Book 1) by Morgan L. Busse

Early on it was hard to keep up with the changing perspectives, and with the world needing detailed, it was difficult to get into the book at the start. Wanted to read more of the other perspectives (Nierne, Caleb, Lore) especially when they started to intertwine (Nierne and Caleb) versus the main character’s story of discovering her abilities. Perhaps because it seemed there could be deeper, more powerful experiences and emotions for those other characters (a striking woman who for unknown reasons sought sanctuary in the life of a monastery scribe, an assassin struggling between shrugging off his actions and being consumed by guilt, and a wise, yet unmarried, captain of the guard who struggled to maintain a professional attitude towards the main character).

Yet, the main character, an angelic-looking and gentle young woman, was raised sheltered from the outside world in a tiny village only to be an outsider because she was adopted. It seems as though her beauty and nature, as well as her adoptive parents’ good standing within the community, could have won over the locals despite her unknown origins. In contrast, the male antagonists, also stunningly beautiful, easily inserted themselves into the fabric of life of the influential crowd to further their plan to take control of a city. Perhaps if she was accepted and highly sought, only to be suddenly rejected over the discovery made by her one suitor, it would have made for a heartier lead.

All this to say that I stopped reading it once or twice with the notion of leaving it be. However, I’m glad I got through the slower portion of the book because once the story picked up, I couldn’t put it down. Nice work for a debut author. I hope the remaining books in the series, one of which promises to focus on the assassin, stay in this vein.


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