On Being Thankful

The ultimate question: Should you read this book? I initially downloaded the e-book when it was available for free. I later went on to purchase three hard copies, two for gifts and one to keep on hand to lend/give. That’s a “yes” from me.

The author presents a poignant example of how when you strive to see the best in someone that they start to see those things in themselves, specifically with a teenage daughter making choices her mother doesn’t condone. But when you speak life and hope instead of condemnation, watch the wonders.

As the author offers her own story of learning how impacting living a thankful life can be, she also provides insight into others’ experiences. The inspiring stories put things into perspective in a world where we can get upset when someone didn’t like a Facebook post. I’m reminded of how Paul opened many of his letters to the churches by expressing who he was thankful for and why.

Check out The Thankful Principle: A Journey into Thankful Living by Marcia Day Brown.



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