Intangible Joy

What invokes joy for you? I mean real joy. The kind of joy that goes beyond happy circumstances or sushi-rolled socks. Joy that arises even in the midst of inexplicable deep hurt and sorrow. There are these moments of peace that have happened despite the burden of life pressing in around you.

Is your marriage on the rocks from half truths and poor decisions? Do you feel like screaming at your children when they yet again dump all the toys around the floor but don’t bother to play with them? Do you keep reliving a painful experience in your mind’s eye? What do you do when the emotions abiding in your heart seep unbidden into your daily life and unleash at your current pain, be it great or small?

Just as powerful, though maybe fewer in number, are intangible moments of joy that are somehow interconnected with the pain, as if they can only truly come into focus as we are hurting. May you reach out and grab those silent moments of joy, of hope to comfort when all is chaos in and around you. And may your moments of intangible joy banish the inexplicable sorrow.

Childhood moments I loved:

  • Enjoying juicy, garden-fresh strawberries with my best-est playmate, my little brother
  • The kiss of sunshine through the window
  • Pouring my thoughts and the worlds in my head out onto paper beneath the branches of the pine at the fence
  • The smell of straw and puppy when my Siberian Husky mix-breed dog Queen had one chubby little puppy (named Princess, of course)
  • Watching the sunset over fields of corn and soybean while sitting on the large rocks back at the treeline
  • Searching the sky for answers

The song “The Neglected Garden” by Cécile Corbel seems to aptly capture my moments.

So many years have passed
The dew is still on the roses
I left my childhood
In a garden green

Come in the garden and look at the trees
I used to play there when I was a child…


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