Being Broken


We’re all going to be broken at some point in our lives, whether it’s from birth or due to life’s circumstances. It may not even be a physical disability or the result of a traumatic event … it may be because we become overwhelmed at the task of daily living. And so many people expect us to be relentlessly strong.

In the midst of the suffering, we push back. We don’t want to hurt. We’re supposed to be happy. Life is supposed to go well. There is no room in our fast-paced schedules for chronic pain, a child’s needs, one more sleepless night, or tragedy. We cannot stop–too many people need us, too many functions to prepare for, we have too many things to do–and we become panicked, frantic. We must keep going.

Jesus had to break the bread so it could serve the multitude (John 6:11-12).

He could have saved himself, but he choose to be broken to save the world (John 3:16).

Sometimes we have to live with our brokenness to allow all those things that we are codependent on to go back to being what they really are: not us. We are made of more than schedules and projects and events and things on our to-do lists. We are sons and daughters of The High King. Our value and worth is inherent in Him, not what we do.

Stand tall sons and daughters of The King. You are worthy because He has made you worthy.


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