To Love Boldly

This past week, our little family has been on the verge of a big decision. Once set into motion, it will change a lot of the details around our home. While thinking about it this weekend, I was, frankly, worried about the opinions of some in our circles. Do you ever worry about the disapproval you may receive about your decisions, especially in regards to parenting?

I do, but I’m (still) learning to take another look at our choices based less by how others may see it and more through the lens of love. Ultimately, are we making choices that are based in love or will they destroy love?

  • In marriage: will looking up old flames increase the love I have for my husband? No, so I quell the curiosity as to where they are now.
  • As a parent: is spending every waking (and often sleeping) moment with my children loving if I cannot handle it? No, so I need to lose the guilt.

As parents our job is not to teach our children to perform, showcasing different masks. It’s not to force them to conform and do what everyone asks. But our role is to give them our undivided love, to discover with our children what we are all made of, and to learn this, our children must be the prime witnesses and recipients of our bold love: one that forgives freely, protects fiercely, and continues endlessly. Jesus Christ is the only man who has shown the world how to live a love this brave.


“This is My commandment, that you love one another, just as I have loved you.”

John 15:12


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