Hope for When Bad Things Happen

I have this adorable little white jade nativity scene that was gifted to me one Christmas. It’s made an appearance in my home ever since. When I pulled it out of the box this week, I started thinking about how much I like it–it’s white and simple, almost like it symbolizes the purity of Christ. We see a lot of beautiful nativity scenes.

Jade Nativity

the purity of a white nativity scene

Looking at the world we have today, it can feel like there is no beauty. Is your heart also breaking at the news these days? The macabre seems to attract our human nature, and the media brings us all the gut-wrenching details of the murder just down the street or a kidnapping thousands of miles away. And in response to the heartache and pain, some say thanks but no thanks for the prayers.

Jesus was born into a world that wasn’t too different from what we experience today*. It maybe was even more brutal on a regular basis. But he brought something into it to ease the burden of life: himself, The Light. Let’s not offer only passive prayers in the midst of trouble… let us be light filled to show those around us who are hurting that there is hope for healing.

Hold your children, kiss your spouse, hug your friend, say a kind word to your neighbor.

*For a truly moving fictionalized perspective of the world of Jesus’ birth, read or watch John Piper’s The Innkeeper.


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