Things You Can Actually Do On Weeknight Dates

After having our first child three-and-half-years ago, we have finally jumped back into the dating game. Can I just put out there that it is much harder to date your spouse than it is to date someone you barely know? When you live with someone day-in-and-day-out, it can be hard to find that feeling of date night jittery excitement.

Our date night falls smack in the middle of the week–we’re tired and we still have two more days to go. To combat the “what do we do now” mode and jump start the whispering some sweet nothings into each other’s ears, I’ve compiled a list of possibilities. These been-there and future ideas range from free to cheap and from low-key fun to put-your-thinking-hats-on sessions.

What do you do on a weeknight date?

  1. Eat a hot-n-ready at the park (we actually did this a year ago with the kids).
  2. Pick up a pint of your favorite ice cream (or gelato) and stop to watch the sunset. Just don’t forget the spoons.
  3. Finally use that gift card that’s been taking up space in your wallet for the last two years.
  4. Splurge and buy tickets to the sequel of that (now-cheesy) movie that came out 20 years ago.
  5. Plan: sketch out a plan of action (with deadlines) for your next project, trip, or goal in life. Add a cup of coffee and/or dessert to sweeten the deal.
  6. Do something to help your spouse reach one of their goals. Update their resume, apply to a school, etc.
  7. Ask your spouse to return the favor.
  8. Take some thick paper and your kid’s watercolors to the park to paint the sunset, fall foliage, or the park bench. Paint the same scene (no peeking!) and compare afterwards.
  9. Make two columns: a list of your spouse’s shortcomings and then list your reactions next to them. Tear up the list of the shortcomings and reflect on your reactions. Discuss over candy. (Read the article, The List that Save My Marriage.)
  10. Enjoy half-price appetizers.
  11. Take along your favorite media device and watch a movie in the park. Bring your sodas, favorite snack, and a blanket and call it a date!
  12. Brew a pot o’ joe, fill up those travel mugs and stop in at your local library for some relaxing reading.

So only 40 more more to go…


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