Storybird: A Resource for Writers

I’ve dreamed of doing this since I was a little girl…

How many times have we heard that from the 15-year-old child standing onstage of one of the legion of reality/talent shows? Or listened to the 30-year-old describe the opportunity as their “last chance” to live their dream?

I truly hope that my ability to dream wasn’t limited to a 15-year time frame that I, like many people, spent on my education, career and family. We can dream while we complete other life goals. We can sacrifice the focus on ourselves while we are changing diapers and making dinner or writing a technical document for our employer. But we can still plan, still hope to make our dream become reality.

I recently happened across a fun resource for writers called Storybird (like songbird for those who are making stories instead of songs). It seemed fitting because I long ago chose a pen name that was suited for the site: Winter Sparrow. I immediately made use of it to create a picture book for my husband’s birthday. Check out my little story! My first publication (well, technically, a blog is published)

And, yes, I have dreamed of writing since I was a little girl!


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