Great and Unsearchable Things

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that you are unloved, unworthy, insignificant, or unheard.

So many of us enter adulthood with the false impression that we are powerless. Whether we were bullied by our peers, felt hated at home or a felt like we just didn’t fit in anywhere, we look at the life ahead of us with a mixture of relief and fear. We are finally free of our tormentors but now we are face the rest of the world.

You find love, have a family of your own but then you are thrown right back into that little-orphan-girl self by the ones you love so much. Your husband’s response clearly shows that he wasn’t listening to you despite the fact that you can actually have a conversation because the kids aren’t underfoot. Your precious children demand that you cater to their whims or else you will face a fierce battle. Your coworkers demand immediate excellence despite the fact that you have had maybe three hours of sleep every night this week. Your friends want to know why you’re not available for a night out more often. Your fellow volunteers point out your faults and failures.

Then there you are, that tiny self mirror in your heart shows you that the situation is the same. You are alone, facing the crushing crowd that rushes past you as if you don’t even exist. You are unprotected. You are unable to find any acceptance, any value because while the crowd does see that you exist, they have deemed you unworthy of compassion.

You struggle not to be offended, not to lash out at them from that wounded self inside of your heart. Sometimes you lose that battle. All you know is that all your life you’ve been treated like you are unloved, unworthy, insignificant, or unheard. We know it’s not true but our reactions show we still believe that it’s true. We’ve heard the truth, but do we know it?

For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

The lie:          The truth:

unloved………..God SO loved (the proof is in the modifier)

unworthy……..he gave (would God give you something if he thought you were useless?)

insignificant….his one and only Son (he gave you the most valuable thing he had, part of himself)

unheard………..that whoever believes (you have a choice, and your choice determines your future)

Yes, you are reading that right: God believes that we are loved, worthy, significant, and heard. So as we struggle to learn these truths about ourselves, we have to learn how to show others, especially children I think, these very same truths about themselves.

Don’t ever tell anyone that they are unloved, unworthy, insignificant, or unheard.

[Title scripture reference to Jeremiah 33:3]


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