Look for the Warrior Ready for Battle

Don’t wait for Prince Charming to rescue you…look for the warrior ready for battle.

To follow up on my last post, I’ve been thinking of my warrior. How does he look in my mind’s eyes? First, I thought of the knight image, something along these lines:


He’s battle ready–sword poised, armor on, and even a nice wind to give a dramatic flare to the cape. When there are those who want to do harm to me or our family, I hope that this is what they see. A man standing guard in front of those he loves. He sees the enemy and is prepared to do whatever it takes to protect his loved ones.

But when our children look to him, when those who are fighting the same battle look beside them, I know that they will see something more like this:

A man on his knees in willing submission to his King. I only hope that I can grow into my role as his queen.


3 thoughts on “Look for the Warrior Ready for Battle

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