So for week 2, you’re to add music to your candle lighting…to work on gentleness and self-control. We frequently have music playing–anything from kids nursery rhymes to classical to Christian rap. I’m also a fan of the waves over at A Soft Murmur. We’ll try to be intentional in my choices and about how they affect the mood that the music is setting. Sometimes even the most calming music (added to sounds of two rambunctious boys playing, someone always mowing now that it’s summer, and the dog barking incessantly at those people outside) seems to jangle my jangling nerves even more.

This week, while I may not light the candle, I’ll try out different music each day and note any affects.

  • Day 1: Completely missed this one.
  • Day 2: We have the waves and a little wind and rain going on here.
  • Days 3-7: Yes! I think we found the perfect combinations–instrumental music (think movie scores, piano…) and then for upstairs the local public radio station that plays a variety of jazz and classical. One head bangs and the other does break dance moves but, hey, they’re happy.

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