From Havoc to Haven — Week 1

Somehow I’ve stumbled across this interesting blog post from some time ago on the Women Living Well Ministries site. It piqued my interest because I’m a self-conscious introverted work-from-home mother of two young boys–there is rarely a quiet moment in my home. And I need my home to be refuge for myself but I don’t know how to get it there. I’m ready to take this year-old challenge.

The writer states “Have you ever considered that YOU are an environment?  What type of environment are you?” Wow, no I haven’t really thought that I am an environment. I feel consumed by everything outside of myself. I’ve heard it said that everyday we are either moving forward or sliding backwards. For me it feels like two steps back for every one step forward. I feel as though I need to get moving forward more often.

The writer concludes the post with some questions:

  • What type of environment are you?
    • I’m usually exhausted, overwhelmed, insufficient, limited, frustrated, and more dependent on caffeine than Christ to get through the endless hours of minutes.
  • What gets in the way of your peace and patience in your home?
    • I want to say that my yappy Chihuahua mix dog is the cause of the chaos. Or maybe the brother duo who I’m parenting through deleted files and shredded paper spread like confetti through the kitchen. Or maybe my husband because he’s working late. Or what about all these responsibilities I’m committed to? But, no, I’m the one who’s scrambling. I’m the one who has reached her limit before the day begins. I’m not so much the thermometer as I am the thermostat for our home right now.
  • Have you begun to light your candle?  What scent is your candle and does your family like the candle?
    • The writer suggests to light a candle while at home, where you will frequently see it, and then let that tiny flickering flame serve as a reminder to right then intentionally pray for peace and patience in your home. My candle is lit and is infusing the kitchen with the aroma of baking cookies…that’s enough to calm me. Who doesn’t want a cookie, right?

So here’s to the first week of the challenge.

  • Day 1: Candle lit, but I left for a function right after my husband returned for work. After a long two hours, they were all very happy to see mom-mom when she got home.
  • Day 2: I lit the candle only a couple of hours in the evening after a trying day. The kids and pets (and probably mom-mom to some extent) can’t control themselves when dad gets home so it got wild. The candle was blown out before we went to the local park to play/run/walk.
  • Day 3: I’ve lit the candle in the a.m. But I think I get it this morning…maybe instead of praying that God would pretty much make them calm, I should pray that He will help me with patience, self-control, and gentleness.
  • Days 4-7: I stopped lighting the candle because it became one more thing to remember to check before leaving or bed. I think the point is just to make you more aware and intentional about the atmosphere of your home.

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