Not the State of My…Car?

Apparently, I’ve been doing a lot of cleaning lately–my car got a dose tonight. Sitting in it multiple times a week, I would think to myself, “I need to dust up here” or looking back at floorboard trapped under the kiddos, “wow, that needs vacuumed.” But I wasn’t so concerned that the need to clean struck.

So have you ever realized how dirty something was only after you started cleaning it? All I needed to really do to prepare the family vehicle for a visit to the mechanic was transfer the rocket-ship-ready seats over to the smaller car. I thought “might as well“–famous last words right there. I started cleaning  (I know, I know, like they really care about the tidiness of my car. I must be a strudel (or whatever the German word is for “pig”) to clean it). And kept cleaning. By nature, I prefer my living spaces clean but your nature tends to be thrown into upheaval when you need to nurture. Now, too many time increments later, I finally can sit down to a too-late dinner of leftovers.


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