Life is like a Big-Box Shopping Trip

In an earlier post I listed some of the casino components of Wyzers. So we go in with a mission and a list: dish soap and diapers… and then distracted off course by all the shiny bells and whistles, proceed to the checkout with a cart load of new rugs and organizational supplies but no dish soap.

A shopping trip to W(almart) is a mirror for the Christian life. We go into it with a mission to love and instructions on how to do it, but as we walk along we see that magazine cover, we see all the cleverly packaged items on display and, reminded of our past life we put up a bit of a struggle, before we know it, we’ve got a cart full of extras slowing us down and are asking ourselves how we got there. I’m not saying W(almart) is the devil, just making a comparison here.


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