The Power of What Could Be (or why my walls are still white)

Do you ever get caught up in a vision of what could be?

“I’ll paint this wall red delicious and put this table here and…” But the vision ends there before reality. You get distracted with something else and eventually forgetting your hopes and how beautiful things could be, never moving forward. Jesus was tempted to break off course. Three things he was challenged to do:

  • provide for himself
  • live dangerously
  • look at what he could have

It’s the last point, I’d like to focus on today. He could have thought about it all, seen in his mind’s eye what he could accomplish, how he could end the wars, how great he could become, how he would redecorate, so to speak. But he didn’t. Focusing on his power, his abilities would have led him straight to evil. If a regular human being was there (and made it that far), they would have started thinking, and kept thinking until they were distracted by something else and then went on their way, never even using the power that was offered. But it was Jesus and he said no and moved on, doing more than he was challenged to by focusing on his Father (he fed how many thousand people, sailed on the stormy seas and has more glory for his obedience).

Yes, we need to dream and have a vision point to move towards, but we have to turn from our inward selves to make the first move. Otherwise we’re stuck and likely frustrated at being there. Why would we be frustrated?

Hope deferred makes the heart sick,
but a longing fulfilled is a tree of life.

Proverbs 13:12 (NIV)


One thought on “The Power of What Could Be (or why my walls are still white)

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