You smell like…a mom

Here’s the truth about motherhood: it stinks sometimes.

We’d been cleaning up a bit around the house. I had been baking a cake and cupcakes and wrangling the kids. The in-laws arrived on time, but as usual, I wasn’t ready because I was putting that off until the last minute. While they played with the toddler, we took the baby upstairs to change him. So we were very close, kneeling on the floor while we dressed him.

“I’m sorry. I probably smell.”

“You smell like…a mom.”

I knew he didn’t mean it as an insult, and the pause had indicated he was trying to be diplomatic about what he said. But still, it stung. It shouldn’t, right? I mean this is my chosen lifestyle for the time being but I do miss doing things at my leisure (like bathing, apparently 🙂 ).

I need to go bake some cookies or something to cover up this mommy-hood mess!


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