infected princess

The fairy tales – the ones with the princess trapped by family or curse or both and then she is freed to live happily ever after – are true. Maybe she made an impossible escape from her circumstances. Maybe there was even the charming prince racing to the rescue, even if his armor was chinked. But the happy ending, can that truly ever be?

How can a leper clear his skin? When does a fatal disease never end in death?

When the princess is “infected” by her childhood how can she live happily ever after? Can she be healed when the symptoms of the infection show themselves in her life, i.e., she presents characteristics she developed as a child?

Think about your own childhood…Barring the terribly traumatic tragedy, was it a happy one? When you look back, what feelings are there?

I remember feeling frequently unhappy and sad and lonely. Being a middle-born, I just felt out-of-place, forgotten, and unloved. Middle-born children often find camaraderie outside the family unit in friendships. Unfortunately, I did not. According to the birth-order theory, being a first-born of the other gender and several years behind the others, also tends to lend some first-born tendencies, like perfectionism. But there was something else missing and for me that was God. God can fill in the gaps that are left empty by family and friends, and, in truth, is the only one who can fill us. We didn’t go to church, but God is more than that. I knew of God from the vacation bible school or the times I attended church with an aunt and uncle but I didn’t know Him.

Knowing Him is to have an understanding that you are loved, wanted, fought for, treasured, and delighted in beyond your abilities and faults. I felt all the guilt of the prodigal son and the indignity of the other son without my Father to show grace and mercy. I want the gift but have a hard time accepting it. I was mostly through my teen years before I regularly attended church, and tried to follow God. Even then, it took my husband, who was “raised” in church, to pull me into having a relationship with God, and I was in my early twenties at that point. [here I need to insert that there is a sci-fi Christian book called Firebird by Kathy Tyers that is an interesting read about a princess raised to and prepared to sacrifice herself for her country but is redirected by a man of faith]

Jesus has slain the dragon, God has freed me from my tower, and my chains, I have walked away from the battle-scarred grounds…but I struggle with the aftereffects of the captivity.


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