The Unquiet Within

steel yourself

invoke the warrior within

the enemy is upon us

counter the blows of battle

face the unquiet within

another day begins



How can I leave, just leave things this way?

How, how do I stay when there are so many words I can’t say?

So many questions when I don’t know any answers.

I’m looking for something. Could it be here?

My soul is restless; how can I stay?

I have nothing to give you because I’ve given it away.

I try to round this out, but I’m left holding squares.

It doesn’t fit. It doesn’t make sense but here I am.



If you’re like me

We honor the lost, we keep on living.

If you’re like me, everything means something,

crowding you out until you mean nothing.

No dream, desire or plan can withstand,

as the pounding of the oceans waves are to a grain of sand

so my love for me is washed away.

I let the pain go, let me go to sleep.

Why am I alive?

I’m not asking why I’m here, trying to find a purpose to call my own —

I know I’m needed but I don’t know if the weight of love is enough to keep me anchored

or if it’s one more way to lose who I may be.

So I promise myself, just a few words, just a few more minutes.

I may be weather worn but I can hold on a little more…

so if you’re like me, hold on a little longer.


glass house

this is me trying to get out of my head

i don’t want a life full of words left unsaid

sometimes i can’t speak because the way you look at me

leaves me feeling so empty

i’ll never be enough to fill this space

your eyes so full of everything, of anybody

so full of your own possibilities

it’s like i’m drowning right here, right in front of you

but you can’t see it so when i’m lost — the blame’s on me

but don’t throw your stones

no, don’t throw your stones at me


She wishes she were me

She wishes she had my hair, but does she know it comes with broken dreams?

My smile may bigger than any she’s seen, but if she knew the words I’ve said…

She wants her body so perfect, wants to wear these jeans. Probably not if she knew where these jeans had been.

Does she know when I look in her eyes, I see a person who never has to justify that she is real?


Don’t stop

There’s no good ending for this…


I can’t seem to find my way to here

’cause I’ve left a piece of my heart where ever you are.

How do I live without this part of me

when these phantom pains are haunting me?

Like water reflected on the wall our souls shimmer through this all —

the overwhelming, never-ending intensity of being —

ever shining on.


The Nature of My Destiny

You compel the world to obey —

it follows trembling in your wake.

If only we all were the master of all destinies.

When even my own body betrays,

why do I get through the day?

Take me to the forest, I want to see the trees.

Or down to the ocean so I can smell the sea.

I don’t want to be awake.

I don’t want to feel this pain,

so I turn off my heart, close down my mind.

Who needs a mask when there’s nothing there to hide?

If they can’t see me then maybe they’ll pass by.

They won’t taunt me and leave me there to cry.

They won’t haunt me until the day I die

if they think I’m already gone; I’m already gone.

I carry this weight,

but I’m not sure if it’s too late to hope that something will change…

Take me to the forest, I want to see the trees.

Or down to the ocean so I can smell the sea.


Losing the Light

I feel those spears in my back

Boom boom boom

Simultaneously strike and last

There so long I forget they’re there

Pain so sharp I can barely breathe

I feel those spears in my back

Boom boom boom

Is there ever any going back?

The light shoots out of my body

And now it’s all escaped

Yet you try to say maybe I never had it anyway

Maybe it’s better off this way

I feel those spears in my back

Boom boom boom

I can read the dark things

I’ve given you my soul and now you tell me to let go

Everything in Moderation

You’re the fire in my blood

Too much of you, I might burn too bright

Without enough, I loose my light

But in the darkness you can see

Out of silence you can hear

I know it’s not redemption but when I look in to your eyes, there’s something there I can’t deny

Where is this spark in me,

this ability to form something from the dust and bring it into being

Oh, you’re the fire in my blood